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    Hey, Forum, Here's a couple things I should get out of the way. Sorry, about this post, I realize its not the perfect place for it, but its 4 in the morning, in this part of the world, ive been searching for hours and the maltego forum fail is leaving me bashing my head against the wall (not my keyboard, that, I need)

    Anyhow! upon launching maltego 2.02 bt ed (out of the box, no modifications) and waiting for the subscribe box, to die, I'm left with the maltego interface. However, there are no options available to me. For example clicking person in the palette shows nothing in satellite view, properties, or detail view.

    purging and reinstalling gave me a symbolic link error which I rectified, however nada.

    Again, I apologize community for this post, You can flame if you like.


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    Here is what I would look at: Let me google that for you

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