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Thread: IBM ThinkPad T42

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    Thumbs up IBM ThinkPad T42

    Just fired the BackTrack 4 distribution onto the laptop. Everything, and I mean everything is working fine. Even packet injection on the IPW2200 chipset. Runs quickly, with no errors and stable.

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    I was just pulling mine out of storage to dedicate it to Backtrack lol

    Does ubiqiuty have any problems on yours, mine seems to lock up when it attempts to open the partition manager.
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    Default Re: IBM ThinkPad T42

    i have had it in my t42 since first release, everything works great except the bio scanner, but i really don't house anything incredibly sensitive since its used only for pentesting. And if you have the ipw2200 you can still use it to inject to some degree. But i have been using it with the alfa AWUS036H and a netgear WPN511 both of which can inject all types of frames.
    i just got to get cuda or pyrit working on it but it does have an old school radeon graphics

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    Default Re: IBM ThinkPad T42

    I have a Thinpad T42p that worked 100% fine with BT3 beta 141207, but with BT4 I'm getting some troubles.

    When I start airodump-ng it seems to detect, read and record info from the wifi's. I then start Aireplay-ng and it start "reading" records, but soon (10-15 records) it stops.

    If I execute iwlist eth1 scan, both airodump-ng and aireplay-ng reads some more records, but again stop and only if I execute again iwlist they resume reading for a while.

    Some more findings:

    If I stop airodump-ng and re-execute iwconfig and airodump-ng, everything starts again to read, but as soon as aireplay-ng detects a valid record and I answer YES to use it, everything stops again. It seems as if aireplay and airodump interefere themselves.

    The extrange thing is that in BT3 beta edition 141207 everything worked and still works OK. What can be the problem?

    Any idea of what the problem could be?

    Thanks so much.
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