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Thread: Seek help for getting BT4/BT3 work on rt3070

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    Default Seek help for getting BT4/BT3 work on rt3070

    We design and sell an rt3070-based usb card which quite
    some customers have failed in getting BT4/BT3 to run on.
    Has somebody been able to get it working?

    We are willing to pay a handsome amount for help in this endeavor,
    negotiable up to five thousand US dollars depending on the complexity of the task.

    Tell us about
    1) your experience with network driver development;
    2) how you will tackle this task; and
    3) how long it will take to accomplish it.

    Pls contact

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    If you are serious then I would suggest for you to get into contact with the guys at aircrack-ng.
    Mister-X, hirte, and or dark audex may be able to help you out. No guarantees though. Some sort of official contact information may be useful as well.
    The name of your company, your position within this company et cetera.
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