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Thread: apt-get upgrade screwed up dhcp

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    Default apt-get upgrade screwed up dhcp

    I just did an apt-get upgrade on my installation of BT4 Pre-final and now when I boot up, I get the following error:

    Starting DHCP server: dhcpd3* check syslog for diagnostics.
    I looked in /var/log/messages, but I couldn't find anything helpful.

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    I remember having the same error after upgrading BT4. But I didn't notice any problems with DHCP.

    If you want an address, use: dhcpcd [interface]

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    Default The Fix

    Had the same situation, so I searched and found ...

    Bottom of the page reveals a fix to remove the dhcp service trying to start up at boot.

    update-rc.d -f dhcp3-server remove
    There are a number of threads started for this issue, but I thought that since I looked into it today and fixed it... so might as well help

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    It didn't screw anything up. Until you have the setting set up for a dhcp server, it's going to give you that message. Since you think it's broken, you don't need a dhcp server running on your backtrack box. You can either remove it, like the post above, or ignore it.

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