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Thread: Hex WEP key

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    Default Hex WEP key

    I've installed BackTrack 4 on my Asus Eee, and used airodump to get a bunch of IV's.
    Now I've cracked the pass with aircrack and get the following message:
    KEY FOUND! [ 76:18:56:AD:41 ]
    Decrypted correctly: 100%

    I'm new to all this stuff!!
    So what should I do with the key to login?
    I've tried to enter 761856AD41 as a 40bit hex key, try to convert it to ascii and enter it as a passphrase, but without any luck.

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    The description of the Howto forum is as follows:

    BackTrack 4 Howto Tutorials and Howtos about BackTrack 4 (NOT for requesting tutorials or how to do anything)
    So as this is a question about how to do something, obviously you shouldn't have posted it in the HowTo section.

    Im getting rather fed up with having to remind people of this... in future I'm going to start issuing infractions. Remember people, its your own responsibility to post things in the right place.

    Anyway OP, how does the key you have cracked differ from the one you configured your access point with? How do you normally connect to that access point in BackTrack?
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