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Thread: Government might be able to throttle connections

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    Default Government might be able to throttle connections

    For most of you in the loop i'm sure that you've heard this; however, for the rest of us I thought it might be interesting.

    U.S. pandemic options include crippling home modems - Computerworld Blogs

    Just wondering, for edification purposes, if there was any way to block them from doing this. I mean you are pretty much restricted to using the cable/fibre companies modem even thought you can have your own router, right?

    Edit: After some quick googling it seems that you are free to use different least with some services.

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    One might even be able to use a Canadian based satellite ISP's services.
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    Wow, that would be pretty hard to do most of the time. My dsl modem is just a "dumb" modem, it really doesn't have any smarts on it's own. All of the settings are given to it from my firewall box. Though I suppose they could just throttle the other end of the connection.

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