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    Post Gr33tings

    Hello PPL:
    New to the site, here. Glad BT4 is out!
    Is there a waiting period for uploading an avatar image?

    Patience is a virtue...

    [FONT="Fixedsys"]H4CK D4 PL4N3T[/FONT]

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    Yes there is, but just remember, patience is a virtue.

    Welcome to the forums and suggest you read these if you havent already:

    In particular I really REALLY suggest you cut out the l337 speak and funky post colours if you want people to take you seriously here.
    Capitalisation is important. It's the difference between "Helping your brother Jack off a horse" and "Helping your brother jack off a horse".

    The Forum Rules, Forum FAQ and the BackTrack Wiki... learn them, love them, live them.

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    welcome. i myself am new here. im loving bt4 already!

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