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Thread: Kernel Panic

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    Default Kernel Panic

    Well, althought my english sucks, believe me, i let this forum be my last chance on this problem.
    I have "sucessfuly" installed bt4 on HardDisk and on USB persistence mode.
    and I AWAYS get an error that freezes up everything and make 'caps lock' and 'scroll lock' leds flash strangely.
    Without stating the X, I was doing what I always try to, connect to the internet... and update/upgrade the distro, and then happen again ( before the apt-get update finish) as expected, but now i can read "KERNEL PANIC", nothing to do but reboot.
    I really want Backtrack, althought i'm still learning i almost ever solve the problems and learn by myself or at least withou showing mu noobness on the forums
    So... my sd card is sleeping until i find someway, anyway to fix this issue, grateful.

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    First off welcome to the forums re-read the rules you agreed to in regards to Double posting, so that you do not do it again ( this is your warning!).
    Also check dmseg and the logs locate /var/logs for more information.
    Also is the md5 sum correct from the download?
    Some info on the type of hardware you have will help us to help you.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
    If you are new to Back|Track
    Back|Track Wiki
    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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    thanks archangel.amael, and sorry about that, i was sleepy and with about like 15 tabs open, it wont happen again.

    I have checked the 'dmesg' log but it seems not to log the happening, anyway here it is: mediafire[dot]com/?sharekey=195849bf80377154bda4076e811714c8a60ef105 17ff9ad7b16e5c9d3b204475

    I have checked the md5, it is Ok.

    And about my hardware, it's a intel c2q q660 2,4ghz, 2gb ddr2 ram, 320gb sata hd and gf 8600gt 512mb.

    'apt-get update' and... crash! after a lot of assembler info the Kernel Panic message says: Kernel panic - not sycing.

    I've simulated an update with 'apt-get -s update' and i could capture the whole thing crashing in about the same time as ever:

    without updating i coudn't see anything else that cause ( it do ) the crash.

    i'm downloading the iso again cause i've deleted the first one i dont know why... i was sleepy i think. i really hope i get rid of this sad error.

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    Common error often due to bad RAM. Use memtest to check your RAM sticks one at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan8990 View Post
    Common error often due to bad RAM. Use memtest to check your RAM sticks one at a time.
    I'll run the t4est later, but if it don't? why just backtrack, of all OS is getting this error? anyway thanks for the tip.

    I "found" the problem, everytime i try tu update or download anything using terminal, like when update system or download some program, it Crash surely(kernel panic), using the browser do not crash so fast, but it do in a couple of minutes, the problem might be in my internet conectionor network adapter
    my adapter is a ralink rt61 turbo wireless and I configure it with:
    iwconfig wlan0 essid MY_ESSID
    iwconfig wlan0 mode managed
    iwpriv set Channel=1
    ifconfig wlan0 netmask up
    route add default gw
    echo "nameserver 192.168.y.y" > /etc/resolv.conf
    echo "nameserver 4.y.y.3" >> /etc/resolv.conf
    and it works fine... i mean i can access the internet, but this sad often kernel panic... can anyone give me a way?
    sry my english again.

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