i was using BT3 with vmware on my old laptop. I got a new acer aspire one d250 and was looking to not use usb dongles anymore. i have a nasty habit of breaking or bending them.

i made a bootable BT4 usb stick and everything worked great including video resolution. after installing to a hard drive partition everything starts fine (well, after i fixed what a i screwed up installing grub the first time) until i get to the point where you enter "startx" at the prompt. after entering startx the screen flickers a few times then returns to the prompt. it tried the command from BT3 configx or xconfig or confx or whatever that command is (sorry, i tried many combinations until it worked so i dont remember what it was exactly). that didnt seem to help and i still had the flickering screen then the return to the command prompt.

my question is, what was the usb dongle installation doing that the hard drive installation is not? how do i go about fixing it? i'm obviously a linux noob. thanks!!