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Thread: VMware and Backtrack 3- Network Help

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    Default VMware and Backtrack 3- Network Help

    Hello remote-exploit community! I'm a long time lurker and decided to ask for some help. Recently I've been trying to crack my WEP for the hell of it, but came to a frustrating dead end. Basically what I tried to do is run Back Track 3 on my computer, which is Windows XP, through a program called VMware Workstation. I have done my research about the proper network cards needed for this to work. I discovered that my Netgear "WG311T" wireless card (it's not a USB, just to clarify) has an Atheros chipset "AR5002G", which should be compatible with BackTrack 3.

    Now my problem is that whenever I load VMware and BackTrack 3, and I go to wireless assistant I get an error message that says "no usable wireless devices found". I am very new to linux and was planing on using a tutorial to crack it, so any help would be great on this issue. Also, I have the commview drivers, and the wildpacket drivers downloaded, both grant me access to my unsecured router and I have no problem getting online with them (not sure if that mattered)

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    1000th times Am giving answer to this & I think someone should keep their signature same to this solution.
    Vmware supports only USB Wireless NIC's,other PCI,PCI-E cards are unsupported for wireless operations and yes backtrack support WG311T right out of the box only when you are doing Live DVD,HDD a cheaper USB Wireless NIC if you still want to use backtrack as VM.

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