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Thread: 25 THz pc brute forcing

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    Default 25 THz pc brute forcing

    Maybe you have not heard yet but the new 44nm laser can lead to processors in the 100's of Terahertz, below is a quote.

    So you thought 100nm was about as narrow as lasers could get, huh? Well think again brother, because scientists at Norfolk State University have now demonstrated a 44nm 'spaser' that performs a laser's functions by the alternative means of surface plasmons. By using such an unorthodox technique, the researchers have been able to overcome the minimum size limitation to lasers, and they even claim spasers could be made as small as 1nm in diameter. Peeking into the (not too near) future, this could improve magnetic data storage beyond its current physical limits, and even lead to the development of optical computers that "can operate at hundreds of terahertz" -- and here you were, thinking that your brand spanking new Core i7 system with Blu-ray was future-proof.
    There's no point in denying the THz cpu, as I remember back in the day's GHz would be impossible,unthinkable but we have them now. Give or take 5-10 years THz cpu's will be in every household.

    Here is my question brute forcing a wpa key today at 3GHz (single core) people pull 300pps.

    How much would a 25THz cpu do?
    ( in my opinion I think the normal cpu will be 25THz - 500THz)

    Until we get a hold of 10nm lasers
    THz will be a joke.

    How do you think the brute forcing will change?

    I would of posted this in the IT discussion, but I cannot.

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    At 25thz it might be in the range of 2500000k/s 3ghz / 300 = 100 * 25thz
    Look forward to mores law, were the amount of cores on a processor should double ever 18-24 months

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