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Thread: Sony VaioP ath9k aircrack-ng

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    Default Sony VaioP ath9k aircrack-ng

    I just installed Unbuntu on my Sony Vaio P. I also installed aircrack-ng.
    Here is some info:

    root@ubuntu:~# uname -a
    Linux ubuntu 2.6.28-14-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Sat Jul 25 00:28:35 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux

    When I try to start wireless in monitor mode I get the following error:

    root@ubuntu:~# airmon-ng start wlan0

    Interface Chipset Driver

    wlan0 ath9k - [phy0]/usr/local/sbin/airmon-ng: 856: cannot create /sys/class/ieee80211/phy0/add_iface: Directory nonexistent
    Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :
    SET failed on device mon0 ; No such device.
    mon0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device

    (monitor mode enabled on mon0)
    I know this must have somthing with my wireless driver, I tried to install diferent drivers I read a lot on this forum and on backtrack forum but I was not able to install a good driver until now.
    I am waiting for sugestions cause I don't know what to do anymore.
    If more info is needed for me I will respond fast.

    Thank You

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    h x x p://
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    Quote Originally Posted by h1jack~~d(^_^)b View Post
    h x x p://

    Enabling ath9k

    To enable ath9k, you must first enable mac80211:

    Networking --->
    Wireless --->
    <M> Improved wireless configuration API
    <M> Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack (mac80211)

    You can then enable ath9k in the kernel configuration under

    Device Drivers --->[*] Network device support --->
    Wireless LAN --->
    <M> Atheros 802.11n wireless cards support

    I don't have any ideea how to do that. Some help will be apreciated

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