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Thread: startx hangs "Loading the Desktop"

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    Default startx hangs "Loading the Desktop"


    I just installed BT4 on my Harddrive after using the LiveCD for a couple of weeks amd I have a problem using it now...

    BT4 asks me of username and password - ev.OK

    I type startx and GUI ist starting to load

    On the little KDE screen, when loading, it always stops at the point "Loading the Desktop" - just freezes!

    I got a K8M800 Motherboard with 1GB RAM

    Anyone got a clue why this problem occurs?

    Thanx alot in advance guys

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    Control alt backspace should bring you back to the command prompt.
    Try fixvesa before running startx next time and see what happens.
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    Default it worked!

    Thanx for the fast reply

    tried fixvesa and it comes up with the note:[*] Copying /etc/X11/xorg.conf-vesa to etc/X11/xorg.conf
    cp: cannot create regular file:.... permission denied

    then I logged in as root and made the fixvesa command and it was able to copy the file

    startx - and working smoothly now!!!!

    so thanx a million

    P.S ctrl alt backspace didnt work when it was frozen - no reply whatsoever...

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