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Thread: How make a vista vulnerable?

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    Question How make a vista vulnerable?

    This may be a very dumb question to ask, but I find it interesting.
    And I'm sure that a lot of others that are new to this will to.

    I haven't worked with metasploit a lot. So I decided to install a virtual Vista Sp1 machine and check it out and play around with meterpreter. Once it was done I installed Avg free, didn't install any updates. I started my virtual BT4, and got me thinking, now what?

    I have to run an exploit to a vulnerability on the Vista, the only problem is that I don't know of any specifically, and that is a part of the Metasploit exploit arsenal.

    My question straight out is, how do we make a vista machine (or xp for the sake of other users searching the forum for this) vulnerable as least time consuming as possible?
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    Wait for the metasploit course to come out or do some research. There are so many ways Vista can be attacked.
    Sometimes not Vista but an app running on it.

    Ok, that is enough information to acomplish what you want to.
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    Google = exploit vista
    Try also looking into vulnerable free-ware. Turn off the firewalls and the AV as well it will help open things up.
    EDIT: I see KMDave beat me to the punch.
    Do what he mentioned as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archangel.amael View Post
    Try also looking into vulnerable free-ware.
    like these....
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    Heh, install it....

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    It would be easier, especially since you are new to this, to turn off your windows firewall and turn the avg off. Once you get comfortable with things and understand some advanced techniques, than you can turn the stuff that makes it more interesting on. Again like previously mentioned, you dont even have to exploit the actual OS, you can exploit an application, arp spoof/redirect, dns poison the list really goes on and on. Try and be creative, and may i suggest Nessus for "finding" exploits on a machine....

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    Id suggest that you learn how exploits work first of all, then you'll have a better understand of what Metasploit can do and how it works. Start by checking out some of the exploits on milw0rm and finding a guide on how to write a simple buffer overflow exploit. The book "Hacking: The Art of Exploitation" is a good resource for this, as is the Pentesting With Backtrack training course, and Im sure there is free stuff online too (I'm planning on writing something about this myself).

    Once you can do this you will understand the exploitation process much better and you will be able to work out how to proceed...
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    Check out this thread

    In that thread i posted a registry key. when this key is changed as instructed then the smb service will be vulnerable to a few exploits... by default vista has disabled this for security reasons...


    you also need to understand that with these public exploits metasploit has in its inventory once there released out into the wild they are then patched Most of the time shortly after...

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