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    Default -> an md5/sha1 cracker

    after looking for a good md5 and sha1 cracker i decided to write my own in perl.
    -> crack md5 and sha1 passwords
    ->use bruteforce or a dictionary file
    ->generate and lookup "rainbow tables" through bruteforce or from file
    ->some people reported it more efficient/better than rcrack or john

    i could always use john or rcrack but rcrack takes a long time to generate a rainbow table and none of them let's me create a table from a file.
    it can be downloaded from svn at

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    congrats kalgecin - I think you got yrself a pretty slick app, I like it.. and will be doing some more messing around with. also figured I'd poke around the code, I like perl myself too! :D

    this is the howto check out via SVN (as FYI for others) = svn co {directory}

    in my case, the full command was ::
    svn co
    'see the fnords!'

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