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Thread: BT4 (pre) MD5sum.txt check failed

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    Default BT4 (pre) MD5sum.txt check failed

    After downloading the .iso, I ran MD5sum against it, and it checked out.
    But when running the md5sum.txt file through, it failed on itself, even when doing an individual check against it:

    g:\>md5sum --check g:\md5sum.txt
    ./casper/filesystem.squashfs: OK
    ./casper/filesystem.manifest-desktop: OK
    ./casper/filesystem.manifest: OK
    ./boot/vmlinuz: OK
    ./boot/initrdfr.gz: OK
    ./boot/grub/bt4.xpm.gz: OK
    ./boot/grub/stage2_eltorito: OK
    ./boot/grub/menu.lst: OK
    ./boot/initrd800.gz: OK
    ./boot/initrd.gz: OK
    ./boot/bootsplash: OK
    ./boot/memtest86+.bin: OK
    ./md5sum.txt: FAILED
    ./boot.catalog: OK
    md5sum: WARNING: 1 of 14 computed checksums did NOT match

    g:\>md5sum md5sum.txt
    073fab8b6571840df76aca2fee8b81f3 *md5sum.txt

    Should be: d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e

    Should this be coming up as "OK" ?


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    I noticed the same thing after checking mine. BT4 would not boot either.

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    I met the same problem. Has anyone idea to solve this? Or should I install BT 4 with live DVD burned through the iso image downloaded directly? Thanks.

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