I have eeePC 1000HE
In bt3 i cannot use graphical interface.
bt3 and 4 cannot recognize my ethernet - wireless hardware
the driver is not loaded, with iwconfig I receive nothing
so I decide to install driver madwifi-ng that works on atheros (ath9k)
after untar I receive classic: "...buid is Missing. Please set kernel path Stop."
but the link build@ is present
I downloaded the bt3usb version with kernel inside (xconf and startx make linux giving up and I use vesa 80x45) make on madwifi folder and all went fine:

but make install:
sh scripts/find-madwifi-modules.sh command not foundi-modules.sh: line 2:
'cripts/find-madwifi-modules.sh: line 44: syntax error near unexptected token ' 'in
'cripts/find-madwifi-modules.sh: line 44: case $ (REPLY) in
make: ***[install-modules] Error 2

It seems I cannot see the aircrack suite works on linux
Thank you for the attention