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Thread: Airodump - find subnet?

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    Default Airodump - find subnet?

    ok so i'm fairly competent with airodump, aireplay, aircrack, and can crack any type of wep encryption on my DD-wrt router. now getting a key is one thing, and I know about mac filtering and such, but how do I go about figuring out the subnet settings of a given network?

    I know that with a dump of encrypted packets from airodump, the mac is NOT encrypted, but how about ips? what tool under the backtrack suite would I use to figure out whether the gateway for a given AP is...

    To my best knowledge I would boot up windows and attempt to sift through and filter packets via wireshark, but is there a way to look at it via the backtrack suite.

    also, do i have to first decrypt the packets via (i forget the tool) or can I go from there?

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    Scapy / Wifizoo can do this.
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