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Thread: senao nl2511,usb persistant

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    I have BT3 running on a usb stick. Every time I boot I have to modprobe hostap_cs to get my card up,then take it out of master mode before I can access the internet.I have uncommented the hostap_cs module in blacklist and blacklisted orinoco and hermes modules as per Wiki.Is there some other way to make the hostap drivers load and default to managed mode.

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    I'll give you a lecture

    Have you tried BT4 beta? Don't have your card, but that's the first thing I'd do.

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    I personally wouldn't recommend jumping onto bt4b just yet, inserting such device will cause both orinoco_cs and hostap_cs to be loaded simultaneously thus causing more than one interface shown via iwconfig/ifconfig.

    I have been trying to search for a workaround but that has been stalled.. blacklisting will work but upon loading hostap_cs will still load orinoco_cs so its an annoying issue.

    Apart from that, with the use of bt3 you can probably add a few lines into /etc/rc.d/rc.local for loading of such driver and turning the device into managed mode.

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    I could be wrong but i just found that when you stop nessus from loading its removed using the command update-rc.d ... after doing a little digging in the etc/init.d directory ive found that the update-rc.d command can also be use to add startup items
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