hi guys,

I've been using BT3 live CD for couple of months in my Vaio AR21M and it worked perfectly fine (it uses Intel Centrino technology).

I had the oppertunity to play around using USB image on a Acer Travelmate 3260 (this also uses Centrino technology). and the live CD worked perfectly fine as well.

I bought a new Vaio BZ12XN which uses intel Centrino vPro. on this machine i cannot load the OS to KDE nether using CD no USB. but I can load a flux box session. i tried startx from a flux box session it didnt worked eather. what it does is keep changing the mouse pointer to the X and to arrow.

I have tried ubuntu 8.10 and fedora 10 live CDs on the machine, they work fine.

any ideas pls?