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Thread: Get error by type startx

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    Default Get error by type startx


    I have a problem when I type startx and get that error message..

    Screens found but none have a usable configuration
    Fatal server error
    no screens found
    I know, i have seen many posts like this, but even that i dont get my problem solved.

    I have HP 6715b laptop.. and have no problems with the CD, that is burned with 4x with Poweriso

    I also typed in xconf but nothing comes up, hmm.. that will not even help..

    Please help a noob like me

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    Hey there,

    Iv only had bt3 for about 3 weeks and this is my first post on this forum so if im a little wrong someone will have to correct me.
    I think i had that problem too after i installed my bt.
    If I remember right, when you get to the login area, above the username command prompt it says... use root then toor for password. on this screen it tells you to type "startx" right?
    I think there is a command there like configure. im sure i had to configure first coz i kept getting a black screen.

    If this dont help sorry, but im sure i did that.

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    Search on google for the chipset of you graphics chipset or check via lspci and see the VGA controller. From there go to appropriate manufacturer site and get the proper binary blobs/etc.

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