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Thread: [Problem] Inject packet with wireless card spoofed MAC

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    Default [Problem] Inject packet with wireless card spoofed MAC


    I use Edimax EW-7318USg as my wireless card with BT3 on vmware.
    Now, I have an opportunity to be trainer about basic wireless security (this issue is quite new in my country).
    I want to know if there are some methods to use aireplay to inject packets to AP which enable MAC access list.
    I tried to spoof MAC address of my wireless card and inject packets with aireplay.
    Not only could not I inject packets but could not capture them through airodump as well.

    This issue may rise in my training. Therefore, I have to prepare some answers for the attendants.

    Thank you

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    Were you associated with the AP? Are you sure your card is in monitor mode? Once you are sure your in monitor mode, try aireplay-ng -9 ath0(this is for my atheros 5006EX and will likely be different for your setup.) This will test if your driver is supports injection.

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    Can you inject/monitor without spoofing your mac address?

    Try booting straight off the cd - can you inject?

    How about changing mac address with macchanger and connecting normally to AP?

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