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Thread: BT3 livecd loads but...

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    Default BT3 livecd loads but...

    So i load the BT3, it boots and i see the fancy desktop and OS GUI, but no network interfaces, cannot see/access my hard disk, when i plug in my usb drive it doesnt react...
    I took the cd and booted it on my roommates pc and it worked perfect.
    So i was wondering if the problem was my hardware, and if yes what can i do?
    I know im not giving u guys too much info, if u could help me with what u need to know i'd be happy to supply u with that info.

    My HW setup is
    AMD 64 3400+ (ocd)
    ASUS k8n4 - e deluxe mobo
    1GB ram

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well, you might want to give us a clue as to what the make/model of your wireless and/or wired cards? Try lspci or lsusb depending on the type of device it is.

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