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Thread: ettercap under cable vpn connection

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    Default ettercap under cable vpn connection

    hello to friends !!

    i have at home a cable internet connection (vpn)

    is it possible to use it under the cable connection ?

    i cant seem to get it to work all i get is

    DHCP and ACK lines that run ..

    how sould i do it properly ?

    can anyone point me in the correct way of doing this


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    no, u CANNOT sniff the connection of your internet provider... in fact, if you do, you risk serious damage to yourself and your wallet, and possibly obtaining a zebra-tane in a government sponsored resort...
    You can sniff the network behind the router, (hmmm inside the router network) in your own home lab, network, whatever. Just enable forwarding on your box, so all the traffic does not go /dev/null

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