View Full Version : No Link EnCap with broadcom 4300

08-11-2007, 07:39 PM
I still researching this,


I notice that when I boot BT2 from the disk, I am able to see eth1 in iwconfig

strange even after I bring it down, and back up I notice there is not Link Encapsulation, nor can I see the router Mac addy.

basically follow a tut here after

airmon-ng start eth1 11

I should see my router info, but what I do see is everyone esle network and there BSSID and mac addy

I can run airsnort, kismet and basic airodump, and I see packet from other networks.

The router I am using is encrypted with mac filtering, this seem very usual,

I will come back later with more info about this since I have to reboot to get back there.

I also ran any iw--- command check my lspci, manually change my mac addy and ip addy which I found out wasnt on the right subnet, duh. But any way, any feedback will be appreciate, I should have a solution tonight and I will let the community know my progress here. :confused:


I am removing mac filtering and Wep key right now also I am going to change my mac addy, after I reboot this time I notice that the ifconfig eth0 has no link encaps

but in iwconfig eth1 had 80211.a/g this time. now this is the strange part after following all your tuts and preforming some basic cli task

I still can recieve packets from other networks but even being on the right subnet this time 192.168.1.x I dont have access to my router or can I see it.

I believe it something silly I may have missed or am not doing, but anyway by 9pm I will resolve this shit !

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