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03-14-2010, 07:16 PM
hello everybody.. first i dont know if this post are at correct places..if not please move it to correct place.2nd my english is very poor..my excuses..well
i work on a new crazy project..called GhostTrap that mean i try to run metasploit3,fasttrack and Set on my G1(android)phone and the results are:
0.-load linux image on sd-card works fine.
1.-metasploit3 works fine
2.-fast-track works fine
3.- SET works fine
all this apps working in background..
GhostTrap consist in run on android os an aplication like aNetshare or wifi tether(work to share internet conexion like AP) just have to wait the victim click to connect to us like a normal internet wifi access and all stuff in background starting to work..:)
some pics...and sorry for my english..
http://www.fumpr.com/thumbs/metasploit.png (http://www.fumpr.com/?v=metasploit.png)
aurora exploit
http://www.fumpr.com/thumbs/auroraexpl.png (http://www.fumpr.com/?v=auroraexpl.png)
Social Engineer Toolkit
http://www.fumpr.com/thumbs/set4.png (http://www.fumpr.com/?v=set4.png)
testing with my other computer run windows xp sp1....
the htc g1 have 528mhz and 128mb of ram..
later puts more pics..

03-14-2010, 10:10 PM
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