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Penetration Testing

Back Track Linux and Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is the art of authorized intrusion, both physical and network based. Penetration testers, or ethical hackers are paid experts whose job is to test the strengths and weaknesses  of an organization or enterprise by simulating a malicious entity, intent of breaking the perimeter of the target. BackTrack Linux provides a platform for such tasks by coalescing all the tools and technologies needed to preform a professional penetration test.

As with any profession, penetration testing can’t be picked up in a few days. It takes months and years of experience and personal research to become a good penetration tester – often requiring the individual to posses a high level of skill in exploit development or vulnerability research – or otherwise have a knack for breaking things, and thinking out of the box.

A Penetration Testing Platform

BackTrack Linux can support the penetration tester through all aspects of their work, from reverse engineering, to exploit development, up to the actual classic phases of a penetration test, such as reconnaissance, vulnerability scanning, etc. BackTrack conveniently has all the tools categorized for the tasks needed at hand – carefully sculpted into the distribution and displayed conveniently over the BackTrack menu.

Penetration Testing Training

Penetration testing and ethical hacking are tough topics to teach, as they are highly technical and hands-on, by definition. Most penetration testing training courses given today do not include any real word experience in the learning process, often ending a multiple choice certification program. Over the years, this has produced a low quality breed of security specialists, who are often under-skilled and ill prepared for the complex tasks ahead of them. We, at offensive security have prepared a hands on penetration testing course available online for those with the right pre-requisites.

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