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The Creators of BackTrack have developed training that will take you through all aspects of a penetration test. Whether you are a seasoned penetration tester or just starting off, we have a course that can help you take your skills to the next level. Our online courses are designed to give you flexibility to work at your own pace. Our flagship course, Penetration Testing With Kali

(PWB) will open your eyes to the skills needed to perform a penetration test from A to Z.  After that you can move on to Cracking the Perimeter (CTP) – which focuses on exploitation using many of the skills you learned in the PWB class.  Need a wireless hacking class?  Offsec has an amazing WiFu class that will help you perfect your usage of the Aircrack-ng suite to crack into wireless networks.

Our courses are designed to work with a combination of our videos, pdf’s and a full lab environment.  Each course, with its material, will ensure that the student can effectively learn the skills being taught. Each one of the courses offered through Offsec has the option for a Information Security Certification.

The certification process isn’t through multiple choice or answer based scenarios, the individual will have to apply what they have learned in an unknown environment and perform hands-on attacks in order to call yourself a Offensive-Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Offensive-Security Wireless Professional (OSWP), or an Offensive-Security Certified Expert (OSCE). Do you have what it takes to try harder?

If you want to be a proffesional in the field, the way to go about it is to train in security penetration testing with the best.

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