This is a password generator I had written in VB pro 6.0 a while back. Only for use on windows. Sorry.

The automated word generator doesn't work, This is one of my last vb projects that I had before I decided to move on to learning different programming languages so I didn't finish. The rest works just fine. This is one of the first time's I've released anything to the public, I haven't had it tested on other computers or other operating systems. If anyone notices any bugs I can try and get them fixed, but keep in mind I have very little interest in programming in VB and I have a lot of other projects that are keeping me pretty busy.

While I had mentioned it for Xploitz I always thought it could be a useful program for many people. So I'm not trying to rip on anyone here as I'm sure many of us have some weak passwords we use and know we shouldn't.

The current password tester is well above most standards. (I like to hold a higher standard when it comes to passwords.)

Feedback is certainly welcome.


I just realized this version didn't generate the second part of the password. I fixed and uploaded it. Just click the link above for the updated version.