I don't see a point in having a 64 Bit version.... In my opinion, there is no definitive proof that 64 Bit addressing as vastly superior to the 32 bit architecture.

The PC I'm on now is a Intel Quad core with 8 GB ram... with linux x64 and windows x64.... there is also a xeon server next to me, also running x64 OS... and frankly... I have not noticed an improvement over 32 bit.... yes, with virtualization there is an improvement but not so much that it's worth re-writing a distribution....

Anyway, I didnt mean to flame anyone, but your comments are welcome.

(I hope this does not become another "my OS is better than your OS war"... it's getting old.)

Bottom line... each to his own... maybe 64 bit is better in theory... like the previous post said.... there are 32 more bits being transferred... lol