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I would also like a 64 bit version too....and the correct answer as to why is simple: in my testing of john without mpi enabled, a 64 bit cpu way outperforms a single core 32 bit system in password cracking. With mpi enabled, a dual-core 64 bit system see's rather astronomical results compared to a dual-core 32 bit system with mpi enabled. I don't think 64 bit would help in a cluster cause you still have a network bottleneck.

Now, password hacking should theoretically also equal faster brute forces of anything......such as wep.

The 64 bit version will create a huge problem....and that is that most of the applications on backtrack are written specifically for 32 bit systems. Although some of the applications have been ported to 64 bit.....I bet a lot of the windows executables can't...and anything that has source code available would take time to port if it hasn't already been done.

A more realistic request would be to have 64 bit sometime in the future, not necessarily with version 3.

The john benchmarks are on my web site at edwiget.name I may not have finished all the tables cause of hardware issues that were resolved but I simply never finished the tests. I think the posted results are clear enough.

A few updates about the upcoming release:
  • We will be releasing a ~ 1 GB USB / DVD image, as well as a stripped down 700 MB iso.
  • Dual core issues have been fixed (mostly due to the new kernel -
  • Wireless card compatibility has maximised, and injection patches applied wherever possible.