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Nice video

Just as a hint : <when using aircrack 1.0 ivs option can be used to capture wpa handshake. ivs format has changed and now it is able to store wpa handshake.

Another question : you have stated aircrack 1.0 can't crack essid with white spaces. So someting like 'FRITZ!Box ' won't be crackable ?
Why do you think so ? Enclosing essid in like 'bla blup' brings all tools in suite to do the work ...
Is there a bug in code which handles white space in a wrong way ?
I've tested again ssid with capital letters , that one was crackable ...
I wasn't aware that you could use the --ivs option..but then again..why would someone want to use that option cracking WPA/WPA2?? That makes NO sense to me.

And I was talking about having your PASSWORD (PMK) with all that stuff in it..spaces..capital letters..special letters..NOT THE ESSID!!