One week from today!!!!

So I decided to tackle a 2 year Associates degree at my local community college. I opted to get my degree in Network Administration. Since they don't offer a class called "Everything you need to be a Ethical Hacker" or something obvious like that,..I opted for this. Is it a good choice?? I have prided myself on my unique ability to be self taught and to be able to apply that knowledge. Now I want to step it up and be the best wireless security or best network Admin that I can possibly be. I'm 31 years old and droped out of high school to join the Army National guard at 17. Then I got my GED in 2000. I passed my entrance exams with flying colors..all except algebra. So I have to take 3 semesters of remedial algebra untill I can take algebra 101. I haven't any clue if what I chose is right to be a penetration tester...but its all that I saw that my community college offered. There were some cert classes...but to tell you the truth..I don't have a lot of faith in myself to be able to pass any certs....yet.

So over the next 2 years my attendance here will be cut dramatically. I apologize in advance to everyone for my soon to be lack of presence here on But rest assured, I will be on as often as I possibly can. I have classes Monday and Wednesday from 10-2:30PM and Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00AM-4:30PM.

Wish me luck everyone. And any advice or encouraging words or help on what certs or alternative degree plan would me much appreciated. Thanks guys for encouraging me to strive to be the best here, at college and beyond.