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I have an internal Intel 5100 wireless card installed in my dell studio xps 1640 and when i open backtrack in vmware player it is not shown in the removable devices list.
I need to know ow to make it appear so i an use it.
Please help. Thanks.
Even I have the same Intel 5100 on my Dell Stu 1555. It will not work on vmware as vmware dosent support virtualisation of integrated wireless adapters. You can either have to purchase a compaitable usb adapter or run BT5 live using bootable disc. Bootup BT5 using a disk or USB whatever u prefer but it u will not be able to inject packets in live mode. At the end the point is Intel 5100 AGN card is not good at all with BT.

But still u can try this link to make it work which i havent tried yet : http://www.intellinuxwireless.org