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How to add a custom Wallpaper to the Live CD:

link is outdated since the changeover, also i assume this is for backtrack v1 and i am trying (but failing) to get extras onto my Back|Track v2.0 iso.

I have been trying to add things to my livecd using poweriso and dropping the files into the Rootcopy folder. This does not work for me, instead it comes up with the error
"ISOLINUX 3.36 2007-02-10 isolinux: Image checksum error, sorry ...

Boot failed: press a key to continue "

So my brother suggested to use this method: open the image in PowerIso and copy each directory singularly to desktop, then use Imgburn in build mode to create the iso. But on booting it cannot find the boot image.
I remember reading somewhere on the forum that in order to remake the iso you need to change the checksum am i correct?

Any replies welcomed