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Thread: I could crack my wep yesterday but not today?

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    Default Re: I could crack my wep yesterday but not today?

    I'm new to this but I've done a crap load of reading and testing and I think I can help you out here...

    Firstly, you must use mon0. Do not use wlan0. EDIT: On further reading I'm not so sure now if you must however you will save yourself a lot of confusion by just using the same one all of the time (mon0).

    I think I can see a few problems in your commands. Firstly, in airodump-ng you've used the -w syntax but have not specified a filename. You also used -c but have not specified a channel. You also have bssid, but that should be --bssid <AP MAC>. But as I understand it, using --bssid is not essential, it is just a filter.

    It is also a good idea to specify a channel when starting the interface in monitor mode, i.e: airmon-ng start wlan0 11 (if your target AP is running on channel 11). Then specify that same channel in airodump-ng using the -c syntax.

    I've only been at this for 2 days now (I knew practically nothing of linux before) but I think I'm getting the grasp of things. A good tutorial I found was simple_wep_crack [Aircrack-ng]
    I'd also recommend reading the documentation for the aircrack-ng suite to get a better understanding of the what is going on when you use those options.
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