i gotta say thanks for FRHACK thats where i seen this and a few other places

first download spoonwep-wpa-rc3.deb


then download aircrack-ng-1.0-rc3


once downloaded go into synaptics or dpkg -r aircrack-ng

untar aircrack-ng

make sqlite=true unstable=true
make sqlite=true unstable=true install

just simply dpkg -i spoonwep-wpa-rc3.deb

and thats it , it will create some desktop shortcuts which are nice

i have tested this new one and it cracks wep faster

you can also configure it with whichever version your using
latest aircrack-ng 1.0 rc4 and aircrack-ng 1.0 final if you are using, spoonwep need to change it slightly.

vi /usr/bin/spoonwep vi / usr / bin / spoonwep

(略) (Omitted)
ln -sf bash /bin/sh ln-sf bash / bin / sh
/etc/init.d/NetworkManager stop >/dev/null 2>&1 / etc / init.d / NetworkManager stop> / dev / null 2> & 1
aircrack_edition=`aircrack-ng --help|grep "Aircrack-ng 1.0"|awk '{print $3}'` aircrack_edition = `aircrack-ng - help | grep" Aircrack-ng 1.0 "| awk '(print $ 3)'`
# if [ "$aircrack_edition" = "rc3" ];then # If [ "$ aircrack_edition" = "rc3"]; then
rc3 & rc3 &
# fi # Fi
(略) (Omitted)

Rc3 so if this statement only unbeaten, 16 and 18 lines like the above comment out of line (#) to.