To be as short as posibile, and to spare myself the misery of writing the whole sad story ,and to remind myself again of the weiredest things that is going on with hd this days, lets just say that i was trying to format my external-usb2,5 HD drive from xp and something get wrong.
Formating process halt at 71%, an i aborted the format.
The next thing i notes my internal 500GB Samsung drive was all f* up. Not the external that i was formating, but internal drive.
Mine almost 500GB full storage disk with half of my life.
BT ,just like xp see it like NewVolume, and it's empty.
I tried with ntfsfix and outher ntfs... programs in BT. But no success
It's a terrible situaton. Pliz don't ask me what's with the backup.
This disk contain about 2000 pdfs. God know how much video tuttorial and outher non-priceble data of mine.
All "file recovery" programs i tried can't see the files like deleted one, only as lost files. Is it inod structure broken or something else, don't know.

I managed to recover about 1000 pdf with photorec from BT, and i know i can do some more with outher data (video files, jpg etc).
But there are two BIG problems.

First, all recoverd files with photorec are random named (in win recovery program too, lost files). So it's allmost imposibile to give a name to every data latter (music files for example etc.). It's a 500GB of data.

Second, the pdf-s i recoverd with photorec are messy. If i open a pdf from adobe reader is not gona show me the same pdf as i open it from kpdf. Even if i save it by other name. Like they are merged or something, totaly strange.

I'm not so good in forensic i must say. So i need some tips, what program to try with?
I know that this kind of tools can do some more damage to file system, and that is not good idea to mess with the damaged file system, but to be honest , 'recovery data services' are so expensive for me.

What are the steps in situation like this. What can i do except from starting photorec? And staring in random named messy data.

All tips are welcome.