Hey guys I am new to Backtrack 4 and just installed the Pre-release as a vmware image and also a persistent usb using the guide from this site. Everything is working really well and I'm starting to get the hang of the command line. I just have a couple issues:

1) Apt-get update errors out on every remote-exploit repository, it does this on every machine I have it installed on. Here is a copy of those errors:

Err hxxp://archive.offensive-security.com pwnsauce Release.gpg
Could not resolve 'archive.offensive-security.com'

It shows this error for every repository

2) I cannot get my intel 5100agn card to inject packets on my WEP network. I checked and iwlagn drivers are already installed. I have googled and there is a lot of stuff about compiling a new kernel or something with some patched drivers. Anyone have a definitive guide as to how to go about this?

Thanks in advance for the help.