here we go - this time using rt2870sta apocolipse driver ::
- arp replay/injection = 329pps
- fragmenation = ~255pps
- hirte attack = 255pps
- IV's per second, on this one wasn't a good test... need to look into this more


I found that by messing with aireplay-ng --arpreplay "-x 1024" command, I can get ~520pps with the rt2800usb drivers (need to screenshot that soon). also need to try again with the "-x 1024" switch with rt2870sta

all in all, BOTH drivers seem quite good! i gonna continue to mess around, and post here with updates/comparisons.

apocolipse269: I found kubuntu-9.04-desktop-amd64.iso and am downloading now... i will let ya know how things pan out yo!