looking good, especially getting ettercap working

yes mtu at 1400 is much better, any higher and certain sites stop working, for more info type in google "talktalk broadband and mtu", a common problem with talktalk broadband in the the uk for which i spent hours trying to sort a friends network out

we know it's damn difficult to crack wpa so this is where the future is.

We have a lot of things workin, just to sumarise

airbase-ng working
transparency and non transparency internet
ettercap working with mitm sniffing-- not tested but i take your word for it
dns redirector working --- i use dns poisoner
autometasploiter thingy ma bob is working too aka wireless key harvester

combine all of the above into one and we have a great tool for backtrack4 hehe

i'm looking into two things

airbase -p ---- still having problems getting a victim to connect using this
mdk3 --- finally got this working so will forcefully disconnect victim and see what happens

as for targetting a specific victim can't we create an exact ap with the same mac but on a different channel?