Ok let me make myself crystal clear here! Both you guys pureh@te and shadowkill have been both honest and professional. I am happy that you both answered my post and it was indeed constructive and you did not upset me in any way.

If anyone of you guys can assist me on my mission then great, if not then i will take the risk on my blog purely as i feel i have invested a huge amount of time in a position to aid the new guys on the circuit. All help, advice, guidance and crticism is accepted as that is how we all learn and build our status upgrades from the junior to the senior on whatever forum, website or blog we are a apart of.

To save the forum diskspace and flack from fellow member i would like to ask this topic is locked now and all chat is carried out over PM, email or msn.



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That "other guy" would be me. I wasn't flaming you Tiptoe, I simply stated what Pureh@te posted in less illustrious terms. I am actually very proud of you for wanting to contribute to this community, as the majority here are takers and give very little back. Of course you are free to post up your image outside of RE, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as it is an open distro; I just don't want you to get backlash from potentially labeling it as a RE release. Trust me, and I know that's a hard thing to do over the intertubes, but I had your best interests in mind with my initial post, and still do. I for one would like to see your image and test it out for you, but make sure it's done the right way.