1) You might want to research any tax implecations of doing this.
2) You need to come up with a sign-off type document, it sucks to have people repeatedly returning to you for the same issue they claim you haven't resolved (when you have and they keep buggering things up) or an issue they claim you've caused. Also if you're going to format and re-install you might want a supplemental sign-off for them indicating that you've backed up anything they care about and that if anything is lost it's not your fault as they reviewed the inventory or whatever.
3) Certs don't matter for this type of work.
4) Where would you advertise?
5) Those prices are VERY steep unless you're trying for corporate customers (which is unlikely to happen if you're completely unknown). I suggest youfind out what interns/HS students make in the area and try for something similar (likely $13-17/hr which still kicks McDonnald's butt).
6) Don't deal with hardware or software resale unless you wanna deal with returns. (Maybe you wanna partner up with a local Ma&Pa shop for sales and have your customers go in and make the purchases themselves)
7) Though we appreciate your nick, don't call yourself/the company "-=Xploitz=- For Hire" I don't think it portrays the image you want