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i make a boot able pen drive. I'm done with the installation and i want to test it, is it persistent or not. Then i make one file at root and shut it down. when the progress come, it is ask me to remove the cd and press enter, i think it is must be unplug the usb. but when i unplugged the usb pendrive, come out error message said something about cancel the journal bla bla bla, i plug it in again then it's hang. i restart it and woolaaaaaaaaaaaa the file is still there in root folder, but i can't access the casper-rw.
Iwant to ask, this is should be it (casper-rw normally locked) or because i unplugged the usb pendrive so now it's give me error like /cow doesn't exist.
NB: i've already install it 4 times, and it's same. So basically we can't access it with direct mode. Sorry for this post.
You should probably finish the install, then reboot and then when it says to take out the cd, if there is no cd present then just hit enter.
Then once it is shut down then when you powerup start saving files.
It sounds to me like you are unplugging the usb to fast.