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  1. Re: How to get Backtrack to detect my Realtek wireless card

    I did what you said to do but i don't know what to do next can u tell me??
  2. Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Wireless Card not detected by Backtrack 5

    When i open a terminal in bt5, and type airmon-ng, this comes up:
    Interface Chipset Driver

    Backtrack 5 doen't seem to detect my wireless card, which has worked perfectly with every other program...
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    Re: Could not find kernal image/ubnkern

    yes, i have.
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    Could not find kernal image/ubnkern

    what do i do when i try to boot bt5 off a usb and get the error in the title??
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    Re: Can't Boot into Backtrack 5

    yes i have a problem sort of like the one stated above. when i try to boot backtrack off my 4 gb usb drive, i get "could not find kernal image, ubnkern. what do i do??
  6. Trouble installing backtrack after it's loaded to usb drive...

    Here’s the problem: I’m trying to boot backtrack 5 from my usb drive. The version of backtrack I am trying to boot is GNOME 64 bit. I used Unetbootin to load the backtrack Iso file onto the usb (4 gb...
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