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  1. Re: [GUIDE] Loading the i915 driver in the 3.2.6 kernel without adding unsupported PP

    OMG your my hero THANK YOU. i think this should be sticky Like NOW lol.

    I made it work and im a linux nub so thank you again. I learned a lot along the way.:cool:
  2. I did the same thing lol. Oddly i dont have a...

    I did the same thing lol. Oddly i dont have a grub folder in /etc/defualt/NOGRUNB .... theres a grub.d but it has no grub file.

    (UPDATE) I have some how gotten to boot from HD by spamming...
  3. Re: [BACKTRACK 5 R3] Blackscreen after installation on HD ( netbook )

    This is the same promblem i have also.
    Were do i change once installed, I need to change it to 'xforcevesa" it allows the live to work with no issues.
    So i know there has to be some were i can...
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    Re: [FIX] Black screen after startx (BT 5 R2)

    I need some help with this im installing from a usb, i cant figure out how to get into grub (new to linux) Thank you
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