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    Ok so my first goal is simply keeping track of...

    Ok so my first goal is simply keeping track of websites visited (much like the big brother software some parents use to monitor children). I have found some info on .dat files storing this...
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    Programming an internet usage monitor.

    I want to write something which monitors internet usage and emails it to me. I know that there are plenty of these programs available for download but I am more interested in how it all works than...
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    If you're using the 1395 Mini you don't need...

    If you're using the 1395 Mini you don't need NDISwrapper. There is a driver now in the Ubuntu repositories that will automagically make it work. I don't recall off the top of my head how I did this...
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    Thanks everyone for the responses...
    To answer a few things:
    No, the 'rents are not technical at all, it was their other daughter who designs rockets for a living that has supposedly introduced...
  5. Question Regarding internet monitoring methods. example: email,chat,websites

    Okay, so it's clear, yes I am a teenager trying to get around security. Story is this: my girlfriend has some unbearably controlling parents who hate that she's with me. In an attempt to keep us from...
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