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    Re: Update Metasploit Framework 3.7.0

    thanks Firebits but when i update Metasploit command db_driver sqlite has a error Invalid driver specifie in backtrack 4
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    sqlite3 Invalid driver specified

    i have backtrack 4 everything worked yesterday but fully updated Mitasploit
    Then I discovered that it db_driver sqlite3 no longer operates and gives this message Invalid driver specified knowledge...
  3. disable command db_driver when i update metasploit metasploit v3.7.0-dev

    Hello everybody how are you please sameone slove my problem
    i use backtrack 4 and metasploit framework3 everything it was work fine but yestrerday
    when i update metasploit then i discoverd that it...
  4. Re: [Video] Metasploit Megaprimer -= HOW TO Metasploit BEGINNER to ADVANCED

    Great job you're the one Thanks very much
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