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    Re: Error with Airodump-ng

    type airmon-ng. you should see your interface, chipset and driver. interface should be like wlan0 or eth0 or something like that.

    then type airodump-ng wlan0 or eth0 depending on what your...
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    Re: Airmon-ng not seeing any of my devices .

    idk if your running a laptop or not but if you are and you have an internal wifi card the easiest thing would be to make a live cd and boot that. vmware doesn't detect any internal wireless cards,...
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    Help Booting Backtrack 4 Live CD

    I have made a live cd from the Final Iso and don't know how to boot it. I've searched and looked but can't find exactly what i need to do to boot it. I don't know what commands to use or anything. So...
  4. Re: Install BT4 over BT4pf with dual boot environment.

    Hey. Im a super noob at this stuff lol. But i want to experiement and get familiar with Backtrack. I know it will take awhile and its not something you can master over a few days but i want to mess...
  5. Difference Between Hard Drive Install and Guest Operating System Install?

    Okay i read that if you are running Backtrack 4 on vmplayer as a guest operating system it doesn't detect your internal wireless card as a physical device and will not show up when you type in...
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    AR9285 No Interface

    haha im new to all this. I read about ethical hacking about a month ago and decided to research it a little bit. Then i saw this bit about wireless networking hacking. Me and a friend have been...
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