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  1. Discussioni: wordlist???!!!???

    by paulroyland


    ok so i might be asking the most stupid question ever. but i have vmware workstation running backtrack 4, now i have a wordlist but how do i get backtrack to search through it to crack it, im not...
  2. hey thanks bud but wat do u mean, once backtrack...

    hey thanks bud but wat do u mean, once backtrack is loaded just open a konsole and type that????

    cheers bud for the reply
  3. installing rt73 on backtrack 4! this is driving me mad

    hey there, i have searched in google and i have searched the forum and i cudnt find my answer so this is it

    i have a wusb54gc and all i want to do is put rt73 driver on it so i can use it in...
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